61 Filling a Need and Starting a Successful Business Based on What Others Are Asking Maegan Watson of Watson Style Group

May 17, 2017

On this episode, I'm talking with Maegan Watson - a wifey, a mama of a sweet boy, and a creator of Watson Style Group! A full styling, shopping, and wardrobe management service for women who are changing the world! Maegan didn't even imagine that she would be running her own company. She started her business after many people have asked her to style them - that is the COOLEST way to fill a need! Join us as we dig deep into her story and how she took her business to the next level!

-- Show Highlights --

In This Episode, Maegan and I talked about:

  • How she started her business from word of mouth
  • Her first few clients
  • Her marketing strategy (it's not what you think :) )
  • How to define your ideal customer - this was amazing
  • What her client process is like
  • How she's scaling her business
  • Maegan's client referral program
  • Setting Personal boundaries

-- Quotes and Takeaways --

  • "Our daily success is dependent upon our energy, our energy is dependent up on how we feel, and how we feel is dependent on how we look" - Maegan Watson
  • "The way you dress is how you value yourself and it's impacting your prices and how confident you are." - Maegan Watson

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