62 How to Build and Nurture Relationships with Erin Chase of $5 Dollar Dinners

May 24, 2017

SO excited to be discussing how to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs with the amazing Erin Chase of $5 Dollar Dinners! Erin is AMAZING in so many ways - I've had her on the show about a year ago where we dove deep into her story and I recently found out that she's an incredible people connector! I HAD to get her on the show and pick her brain on HOW she's been able to grow such a huge network of business besties! Seriously - if there is one person you should learn from all about successful blogging while growing a beautiful family that consists of a hubby and FOUR boys - she is THE ONE! I hope you enjoy this!

-- Show Highlights --

In This Episode, Erin and I talked about:

  • How Erin connected with online influencers
  • How to connect with people by asking for introductions
  • How to set boundaries with people who ask for help
  • The strategy of small asks
  • The correct way of asking for an introduction
  • How to be mutually beneficial in the relationship
  • How to have boundaries as a woman in business relationships

-- Quotes and Takeaways --

  • "I think I have it all. I've defined my all as something that's reasonable and what works for us and not my mom's version of my all." - Erin Chase
  • "Efficiency is more important to me than productivity" - Erin Chase
  • "Plan it, implement it, evaluate it, kill it" - Erin Chase

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