53 Natural Makeup and Opening a Boutique in an Airstream with Irina Dovganetskiy – With Simplicity

March 8, 2017

Joining us on the show today is the sweet and super smart Irina Dovganetskiy - crafter and owner of With Simplicity. A natural makeup brand that focuses on amazing skin care products with minimal, all natural ingredients!

I am SO impressed with what Irina has accomplished and SO inspired by her out of the box thinking! Not only is she building this amazing brand, but also raising 3 beautiful children with her very supportive hubby! If you landed on this page - I know that you will enjoy our conversation! It was SO inspiring and I couldn't contain my excitement as you will notice throughout the show. Irina, you inspire me! <3

Show Highlights

    • In this episode, Irina and I talked about:
      • How her business started with making DIY chapsticks as Christmas Gifts
      • Overcoming negative self-talk and the fear of being judged
      • How she got her first customers
      • Her #1 Marketing Strategy (it's not what you think ;)
      • The importance of finding and filling a need
      • Growing slowly and steady
      • Educating your market why they need your product
      • Her persistence in getting her airstream parked on Mainstreet
      • Her loyalty as a wife and how her hubby supports her
      • Keeping business finances separate from personal finances
      • Hiring Chemists to help formulate amazing products that actually work
      • How Irina balanced work and family
      • Starting small with one product and moving on

Quotes and Takeaways

      • "Know who you are, be strong in who you are and follow your dreams" - Irina Dovganetskiy
      • "I needed to step in and become the salesperson for my brand" - Irina Dovganetksiy
      • "When we truly prioritize our marriage - our husbands will be ready to move mountains for us." - Vicky Lashenko
      • "When I started my business, I knew I couldn't do everything by myself - so I hired help" - Irina Dovganetskiy
      • "I don't each lunch until my top priorities are done - lunch is my reward" - Irina Dovganetskiy

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